By using malicious USBs, it only requires a few seconds to infect an entire network. We felt the need to change that, which is why we created Chernobyl, a fully customizable software and hardware platform that can identify threats before your whole customer database and blueprints are auctioned on a darknet marketplace. We have made this possible by using threat intelligence from the darknet and the very best hardware to create a device that adopts the same tactics, techniques and procedures as the cyber villain’s that want to steal your data and destroy your business. By using Chernobyl, you will be able to find flaws in your system and secure your business before something detrimental happens.


Only your imagination sets the limits for what Chernobyl can accomplish, however we would like to give you some ideas about how it can be configured and showcase its amazing capacities.



Within two seconds Chernobyl will deplete any protection and open a terminal that hides the entire process.



Turns any executable file into a fully legitimate process.



Password Retrieval

Extract credentials from most applications within 15 seconds, including all browsers.


Crypto Wallets

Pickpocketing for the modern cyber era, unlocks most electronic wallets.


Live Recording

See what's going on the desktop or why not enable the webcam to watch the surroundings?


Search History

Recovers detailed information about web browsing history, even in privacy mode.



Call Recorder

Wiretapping of VoIP applications, including real-time surveillance options


Tsar Bomba

Super detonation, spreading Chernobyl and infecting all connected computers on a network.



Bye-Bye Anti Virus

Besides by-passing an anti-virus, Chernobyl can also turn off and remove the anti-virus software completely.



Chernobyl can record any keyboard input without any compromises.



Express Delivery

FTP delivery? E-mail? No problems, Chernobyl offers many different delivery options.


Multi platform support

Any Windows device, most Linux distributions, many Android devices and limited support for OSX/Unix/IOS.


The Chernobyl hardware platform is the result of an extraordinary effort by Jiggsoft’s engineers. It is powered by a high performance, low power AVR micro-controller based on advanced RISC architecture. However, the most interesting aspect isn't about its speed, even if the Chernobyl can be configured to use chips up to 400 MHz. The real magic is the USB 2.0 Full-speed/Low Speed Device Module, which enables the Chernobyl to pretend to be a common, inoffensive USB device and adjust the speed of payload execution in line with the target computer.


Information and cyber security casestudy


Weather Resistant

Information and cyber security casestudy


16 Mhz

Information and cyber security casestudy


Weight 9.0 g


Information and cyber security casestudy


Arduino platform

Information and cyber security casestudy


SD-card reader

Information and cyber security casestudy




It takes an extraordinary factory to build extraordinary products.
Each Chernobyl is assembled by hand in Carlisle, United Kingdom.


What's next?

We have a four-step approach to meeting our clients’ need


Tell us what you need and we will get back to you promptly


Our team will prepare a device customized to your needs


Upon payment the device will be shipped on same day


We will help you with eventual modifications and updates


Each Chernobyl is a unique product that includes custom software designed to meet your demands, therefore it can only be purchased as part of a consulting contract. Our offer includes everything; from programming the device, to supplying you with updated features and helping you with a strategy to avoid attacks from happening. Our pricing is reasonable, for just 500 £ we can offer you a fully custom designed USB attack platform with basic functionality. Just fill in the form below and one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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