Code Red! Fire!

By using malicious USBs, it only requires a few seconds to infect an entire network. We felt the need to change that, which is why we created Chernobyl, a fully customizable software and hardware platform that can identify threats before your whole customer database and blueprints are auctioned on a darknet marketplace. We have made this possible by using threat intelligence from the darknet and the very best hardware to create a device that adopts the same tactics, techniques and procedures as the cyber villain’s that want to steal your data and destroy your business. By using Chernobyl, you will be able to find flaws in your system and secure your business before something detrimental happens.

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Amazing Hardware

Chernobyl are available in different editions and are powered by ARM processors in speeds up to 1 Ghz and micro sd support up to 120 gb of data! Beside that, all components are made in the EU and each case is 3D printed on demand.

Information and cyber security casestudy


Monitor Anything

Within two seconds Chernobyl will deplete any protection and open a terminal that will extract credentials from most applications within 15 seconds. Beside credentials, Chernobyl can also extract specific files of your choice.

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Recover Anything

Chernobyl offers superior surveillance tools designed to detect all kinds of data, either received or sent by the target computer - no matter if it is a keyboard, webcam or a connected phone, Chernobyl will detect it.

Information and cyber security casestudy


Custom Development

Each Chernobyl is custom built for your needs and adopts tactical flexibility. It can be armed with any specific payload and by using advanced data communications such as 4G addon data can be transmitted anywhere.

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