Government & Public Sector

Government agencies and municipal institutions are the new high priority targets of cyber-attacks. These targets are attacked without notice and without any signs of imminent threat, there is never a set time for an attack to occur. These attacks can even occur in peaceful times, as happened during the recent U.S. presidential elections. Cyber-attackers are more likely to perform an attack during peaceful times because the victim does not expect it. There have been multiple attacks that were allegedly state sponsored. Governments secretly attack each other on the web via state–sponsored organizations in order to avoid direct attribution.

Recently lots of attacks have been found out to be state sponsored. Governments secretly attack each other on the web via state-sponsored organizations because they know that the attacks cannot be traced. The first act in this cyber “warfare” is to control all information channels usually by shutting them down. The attackers look for different ways to either shutdown different systems or to try to implement a backdoor into the victim’s server that opens up a multitude of possibilities. If they are successful they then use the websites to spread fake news, politically motivated agendas, demeaning content and/or malware.

New policies such as the Federal Information Security Management Act are introduced constantly. These policies force the government to improve on their cyber security but this often proves to be quite challenging for government officials. They usually have no choice but to involve specialists like us to achieve their goals in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We can help you with the following things

Social Engineering

Realistic simulated attacks against POS and seduce your employees into providing credentials.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

What do you prefer, bitcoin miner injection or a DDos from Russia? Or maybe your customer database?

Penetration Testing

Continous operations

While it might not be possible to stop every attack, there are many to improve your contionius operations. Reducing the potential damage and resume operations quickly.

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Law Enforcement

Yes, we have capabilities to perform special operations on behalf of any law enforcement agency in the world. We have a great selection of hacktools for fighting crime and terrorism.