Malware Analysis

Malware has many names, but what they have in common is their deadliness. Any type can be used to target your company, some of the typical forms include virus, spy-ware and ransom-ware, among others. These kinds of attacks are quite common and analyzing their mechanisms is necessary to gain a further understanding of the damage they intend to cause or may have already caused. Detection is the first step in our solution as we have to find out how exactly the malware got into the system in the first place. We then analyze the data that is transmitted between the target computer and the hacker network.

Some malware incorporates adaptive code which is a sophisticated technique used by malware authors to physically change the code, which alters the mechanism of the attack while it is being executed! We also examine the code and reverse-engineer it to get a closer look at the behavior of the code. It is critical to identify the behavior of the malware and to try to determine an attack pattern. We try to determine the attack vector which helps us to identify the extent of the compromise and to establish the time line of the attack. Occasionally it may be possible to trace the malware back to its creator but the chances of this are quite slim.

In short, the analysis our team performs will help you to understand how the attack happened and what kind of data was stolen. This will improve your understanding of such attacks and will help you to fortify your defenses against further attacks.

In the future everything can be hacked

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